October 2016

2nd October 2016



A group of sharp-minded students from Seaton Delaval have stunned a local reporter with their clever questions.

Chronicle journalist Hannah Graham was honoured to be invited to Seaton Delaval first school to speak to year three and four pupils about her work, after the youngsters studied news reporting in their lessons.

The young reporter was amazed by the inventive and unexpected questions the pupils came up with. Students also impressed her with their snappy headlines.

She said she had 'great fun' chatting to the classes, and thanked them for welcoming her into their lessons.

Hannah said: "I really enjoyed speaking to the students at Seaton Delaval.

"They were all so interested in what I had to say — and they asked lots of questions I'd never even thought of.

"Some of the headlines they had written for their stories were brilliant. I'm worried some of them might be coming for my job!"

Many of the ambitions pupils told Hannah about what they hope to do when they grow up.

A few were interested in becoming reporters themselves, while others spoke about dreams of working with animals.

Hannah said: "I want to wish all the students good luck with whatever they choose to do.

"I'm sure such clever kids will be able to do whatever they like when they're older — but for any of them who'd like to become journalists, I think the brilliant questions they asked me show they're on the right track already."

She added: "Thank you all for inviting me along, it was lovely to meet you."


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